Law on Lawyer No. 65/2006/QH11 dated 29/06/2006 and Law No. 20/2012/QH13 becomes effective as from July 1, 2013 regarding modification, supplementation for some articles of Law on Lawyer

Article 4. Legal services provided by lawyers

Legal services provided by lawyers include:

* participation in legal proceedings,

* provision of legal consultancy,

* representation of clients beyond legal proceedings, and

* other legal services.

Article 22. Practicing scope

1. Participating in legal proceedings as defense counsels for detainees, the accused or defendants or as defenders of interests of victims, claimants or respondents in civil cases, or of people with related interests and obligations in criminal cases.

2. Participating in legal proceedings as representatives or defenders of legitimate rights and interests of claimants, respondents, persons with related rights and obligations in civil disputes, marriage and family, business, commercial, labor or administrative cases or affairs as well as in other cases and affairs specified by law.

3. Providing legal consultancy.

4. Representing clients beyond legal proceedings in order to carry out related legal tasks.

5. Providing other legal services in accordance with this Law.

Article 28. Legal consultancy activities of lawyers

1. Legal consultancy means that lawyers guide, give opinions to or assist their clients in drafting papers related to the exercise of the latter's rights or the performance of the latter's obligations.

Lawyers may provide legal consultancy in all fields of law.

2. When providing legal consultancy, lawyers shall assist their clients in strictly observing law in order to protect the latter's legitimate rights and interests.

Article 29. Lawyers' representation beyond legal proceedings

1. Lawyers may represent their clients in settling affairs related to the jobs they have taken within the scope and according to the contents of the legal service contracts or as assigned by agencies or organizations for which they practice law individually under labor contracts.

2. When representing their clients, lawyers have the rights and obligations as provided for by relevant laws.

Article 30. Other legal services provided by lawyers

1. Other legal services provided by lawyers include assisting clients in performing jobs related to:

* administrative procedures;

* providing legal advice in case of settlement of complaints;

* translating;

* certifying papers and transactions and

* assisting clients in performing other jobs in accordance with law.

2. When providing other legal services, lawyers have the rights and obligations as provided for by relevant laws.



Edited and posted up by Lawyer Nguyen Thi Thoa