Dossier for registration / suggestion to grant the investment certificate for foreign investors to set up an enterprise and carry out projects in Vietnam.

1. Registration / suggestion for granting the investment certificate

2. Meeting minutes of investors (in the case with more than one investor)

3. Decision of the investors

4. Company charter

5. List of the investors

6. Letter of appointment of legal representative

7. Power of attorney

8. Report on financial capacity of the investors

9. Joint-venture Contract (if joint-venture company)

10. Contract (or Agreement) on lease (or borrow) property (new) for using as head office (or as location for implementation of the project)

11. Related legal documents of the property (new) in order to prove legality of lease (or borrow).

12. Passports of the investors (if the investors are individuals)

13.Passport and Confirmation on temporary residence of the legal representative

14. Certificate of business registration (if the investors are legal entities)

15. The audited Financial Statements of the latest 2 years of the investors (if the investors are enterprises) to prove financial capacity of the investor.

16. Recent bank statement to prove financial capacity of the investor.

17. Feasibility study (If the investor carry out projects on manufacture, education or projects with requirements for Feasibility Study)

18. Other documents (as the concrete case)

(To see Vietnamese version at article as "Cấp (mới) Giấy Chứng nhận đầu tư ")



Written and posted up by Lawyer Nguyen Thi Thoa